Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Get My Ride Pty Ltd
Established 2015

Deposit & cancellation Payment Insurance

Deposit and cancellation

All bookings for vehicle transport require a deposit to be paid to Get My Ride Pty Ltd at the time of booking a confirmed date of transport.

The deposit is non-refundable if:

  • the booking is cancelled by the customer for any reason
  • the pickup party or location is not available at the booked time
  • we are unable to collect the vehicle due to undisclosed vehicle condition or status, or undisclosed poor accessibility to the vehicle


  • where possible, refunds will be given if Get My Ride Pty Ltd is able to fill the booked spot in enough time after a customer’s cancellation.
  • deposits will be fully refunded if a cancellation is initiated by Get My Ride Pty Ltd


Pickup and delivery include 30 minutes load and unload times. Any extra time incurred is charged at $40 per hour.

Payment must be made on delivery of the transported vehicle, by either cash or bank transfer with screenshot of evidence of transfer. Vehicles will not be delivered without payment. If the customer is unable to make payment by/at the agreed time of delivery, the vehicle will remain in the possession of Get My Ride Pty Ltd, at a fee of $40 per hour until payment and delivery can be completed.


Your transported vehicle or parts are covered by Get My Ride Pty Ltd’s insurance. All our services include insurance through Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd for loss or damage up to $100,000. Note that insurance excludes hail or rainwater damage, or minor stone chips, or dust from dust storms (these incidents have not occurred to date and are likely to be extremely rare but can be unavoidable with your chosen open air transport).